Healing Activities

In helping you to be restored into balance, we have created events to help you heal in mind, body and spirit.

Heart-to-Heart Circle

Ease pain and hurt from relationship, divorce and breakups. Comforting and empowering each other as we share our stories, what we learnt and how we became wiser from our mistakes made.

As painful as it may be, there is a way forward in strength, courage, compassion and resilience.  Replacing our
– regret and hurt with understanding and acceptance,
– expectations and judgements or feelings of unfairness with love, forgiveness and introspection
– guilt, sorrow and rage with hope, peace and wisdom

A meditation for healing of the heart, emotional release & forgiveness and acceptance of oneself. With sound therapy to soothe the emotional wounds using crystal and/or Himalayan singing bowls, drum.

This circle will be conducted monthly, forming a pillar of support and  friendships to lean on.  It is for adults and families.  I do conduct this session for children and teens, especially siblings from the same family. Personal sessions for a minimum of 3 can be organised.

Dates :  19 April on Thursday
Time: 8pm to 9pm (or 9.30pm depending on number of number of attendees)
Exchange : $50
For Booking: By email (through Contact Tab) or click below
(19 Apr) – http://relationship-woes.peatix.com

Healing Your Inner Child Through Art (Acrylic Painting)

Expressing ourselves or verbalizing how we exactly feel, like children do, can be difficult for adults. We suppress our emotions and censure our thoughts in favour of being accepted or not bringing attention to ourselves – sometimes to the detriment to ourselves.

Yet, we yearn to simply express as we are, imagine and create as we feel and be accepted without judgements or societal norms. Feeling the longing to be ourselves.

Using art as a medium, to connect deeper within to your inner child – invoking the tenderness and vulnerabilities within yourself.   Allowing yourself to express freely on what you are led to do, as you paint.

This is a therapeutic session, with meditation and painting as inspired. Healing yourself through painting.

    • meditation to calm yourself, and being centered and in peace
    • expressing yourself through painting mindfully
    • allowing your creativity to emanate from you as you connect with your heart and allow your inner child to emerge
    • messages on your painting that I receive as part of the healing for yourself
    • allowing you to see various perspectives on your drawing and deciphering the lessons for yourself and the applications to your daily life

You wont be painting on yourself, but on canvas using acrylic paints. This will be a hands-on workshop where all materials are provided. Wear comfortable clothes and simply be yourself.  For all age groups, both children & adults.

Date : to be updated soon
Exchange : $65


Photo credit : unsplash.com