Healing @ Workplace

Healing at Workplaces

Our workplaces, where we spend most of our time physically and mentally, drains us and sometimes zaps our energy levels, leaving us unbalanced, agitated and simply stressed.  As much as we seek to restore ourselves, by vacations or spa retreats, the root of the problems remains unresolved.  Once we go back to work, after our vacation break, we simply plunge in and feel the stress coming back to us all over again.

Is there no way out of this rut, we think and we start finger pointing on this person, or this project or the client and etc. Did we look within to ask, how we contributed to the situation? How can the unhappiness we feel, be due to us?  It does not make sense.  It is the external situation, or people or dynamics or hierarchies or backstabbing that caused all the stress and it is clear to us that we may be the victims or may not have much choice in the workplace.  The havoc at the workplace ultimately washes away our happiness, rips out our joy and dissolves our peace, leaving us all very much in need of healing.

Healing to repair and restore our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states and rejuvenating us to be complete and balanced again.  Healing is simply being restored to our true state, ie being balanced, peaceful, joyful and in harmony within and with all around us.  With a smile from the heart, peace radiating from every pore of our body and glowing with the brilliance of the divine within us.  With the huge variety of the healing modalities, some being spiritual, some religious, and some magical, creating unsureness and doubts, making “healing” a taboo word.  Yet, at the core, everyone is need of this, especially in this fast-paced stressful lifestyle that we lead.

How can we be healed at our workplaces? How can we be mindful of our actions, words, emotions that can contribute to the havoc, despair and distress? And how can we prevent the havoc from the workplace from permeating into our personal lives, to our family and friends?

The answer is simple but profound.  Taking care of our inner world will reduce the unease of the outer world.  If we change ourselves within, from our thoughts, words and deeds, then the impact of the “havoc” of the outer world will reduce and slowly with constant vigilance of our inner world, we can conquer our stressed state.  How is this possible?  In this time challenged period that we live in, we are constantly giving our attention to many things happening on the outside leaving us tired to give attention to ourselves within.

Within us, lies an oasis of inner calm and peace that remains unshattered by all that is happening on the outside.  How do we delve into this oasis, that can lift and ascend us to a state of peace and fulfilment? One of the ways is Meditation.  Mindfully meditating towards the inner peace that resides in us all.

How would it be that all in the workplace are deeply connected to their inner world, in an utter state of complete awareness of how their actions, word affects the outer world and all those around them.  Colleagues, peers, bosses, and all through the hierarchy are mindful to bring about peace and harmony at the workplace.  Disputes that are resolved in harmony and bargains and negotiations in equanimity. Silo mentalities (ie turf wars) between the departments at the workplace are dissolved in the spirit of oneness with a united goal, for the welfare of the people at the workplace.  Animosity ending in understanding and forgiveness.  A sense of well-being permeating at the workplace.  Each person taking responsibility for the state of their own inner world and each emanating the peace until the workplace is filled with harmony.  How can we make this happen at the workplace?

What are some of the initiatives for Healing at the Workplace?

  • Meditation in small group sessions to truly practice and sustain
  • Awareness of our emotional states and developing the emotional balance
  • Cultivating the inner strength and forbearance through wisdom

How do you begin Healing @ the Workplace?  We can start with simple steps to take a pause and go inner.

    1. Short meditation to simply be still and sit from 5 to 10 minutes.  Just focussing on the breathing. It helps to refresh and lets you take a breather from the stress.
    2. Taking a short walk, with no destination in mind.  To simply walk for a while, to simply be present in the moment.  Getting away from the office temporarily helps to clear your mind and is a good pause, away from the busy hustle and bustle of work.
    3. Sounds can be soothing.  It can be a soothing mantra, or sounds of the water or the forest or music that you like, which brings you to a meditative and peaceful mood
    4. When the mind is bombarding you with a constant stream of thoughts and makes your stress levels go higher, you can take a prayer bead, rosary or anything that reminds you of the divine or of your faith.  It is so peaceful just to be reminded of the faith, that the Divine is of the unconditional love and acceptance and the peace that surrounds you as you feel so light, as we surrender all our burdens to the Divine.


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