Meditation Circle – Restoring Your Inner Peace

In our search for peace and stillness, let’s take a pause through Meditation. Quietening the chatter of our mind and detaching from the stress, fatigue and worries.  Feeling refreshed and rejuvenated as we come back into balance in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states.

We begin with a guided grounding meditation that flows into a sound bath. With a medley of crystal and/or Himalayan singing bowls and/or drum.   The bowls will be struck in rhythms, being a therapeutic experience, to heal, relax and bring you into alignment.

Emerge from the session feeling balanced and peaceful.  Conducted on Wednesdays at 8pm.  The meditation is followed by a short discussion for those who wish to share their experience or have any questions.  Suitable for beginners.  No prior experience is necessary. A non-religious session and meet other like-minded people.

The Meditation Circle is about creating a community of people with similar interests.  Helping each other to see different perspectives and learning from each other.  Share your experiences and form friendships.

Dates : Wednesdays, April 18 and 25
Time: 8.00pm to 9.30pm
Exchange : $45

Sound Bath Meditation

Be soothed in the melody of singing bowls, crystals and drum with cascading vibrations from crystal and Himalayan singing bowls. Being surrounded by singing bowls and immersed in the sounds as you sit still and be calm. The bowls are struck and as you hear, gives a meditative and therapeutic experience, to heal, relax and bring you into balance.  Feeling refreshed and restored.

A guided meditation and sound healing to help

  • clear blockages
  • heal at emotional, mental and physical levels
  • balance your energy centres in your body

A hands on session with the bowls, to intuitively feel and sense.  Observing your own connection or preference to each of them, crystal vs Himalayan bowls or drum and aluminium vs glass based instruments.

An explorative, meditative, healing and grounding session.  Walk away with the awareness of your body in terms of how it responds to the different sounds on the chakras

Suitable for adults and children.

Dates : to be updated soon

Exchange : $55


Walking Meditation @ The Healing Garden of Botanical Gardens for Children / Tweens / Teens (aged from 7 to 15 years)

Children walk all the time, but usually it’s more like running – hurried, excited and being distracted.  Walking meditation is walking just to enjoy walking.  Walking without arriving where each step is in peace and joy.

In the tranquil settings of the Healing Garden, guiding the children to appreciate nature and simply being mindful of the walk and breathing.  The purpose is to be in the present moment and, become aware of our breathing and our walking, to enjoy each step.

Becoming aware of the Nature energies and allowing ourselves to be still and focussed.  Bring along your water and walking shoes.  Will start with a sitting meditation to become centered and we will walk some parts without shoes, depending on the weather condition.

Date : to be updated soon

Exchange : $45 ($30 donated to charity)

Meeting Point : At Gelam Gate of The Healing Garden of Singapore Botanic Gardens  (next to Food Canopy and Raffles Building.  Located at 1J Cluny Road)

Closest to the Nassim Gate Visitor Centre / Central Core. Map to The Healing Garden at Botanical Parks :

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