By Kalpana

Energy Healing

Emotional Healing

Sound Therapy

Crystal Energy Therapy


Reading Using Oracle Cards

Gentle healing for Children / Teens

Pet healing

Mindfullness @ Workplace Initiatives


Energy Healing
Combination of Energy healing with Counseling to

  • address your concerns or issues
  • suitable for anyone feeling lethargic and worn down by the daily stress
  • helps you to overcome certain fears or uncertainty in your life’s direction
  • helps you gain understanding of your past experiences that impacts you
  • refreshed and healed in mind, body and spirit.

1 hour session – $180   |   1.5 hour session – $250

Emotional Healing
Our inner world is made up of our beliefs, thought patterns. There may be fears, anxieties, worries and insecurities with doubts. Some pain and hurt reside in us that may be there for a long time, that we may be aware and unaware about. Healing from breaking up from relationships, emotional hurt caused at work or in personal life, from marital or emotional issues like divorce, abuse.

  • healing of the heart, emotional release & forgiveness, acceptance
  • give you understanding and allowing you to see different perspectives and helping to release the pain
  • through loving and forgiving yourself and accepting the situation, people or emotions involved.
  • coming into peace within yourself and taking steps forward in an empowering way

1 hour session – $180   |   1.5 hour session – $250

Sound Therapy
Using a medley of crystal &/or Himalayan Singing bowls with drum to create sound vibrations that will heal you at all levels. The bowls are placed around your body. They are struck and sung in rhythmic patterns to impact your body.

Suitable for those facing stress, anxiety and emotional situations that require release of hurt and pain. The vibrations can continue rippling through your body for days, and the nurturing power of sound healing is on physical, emotional and mental levels.

45 minutes session – $120   |   1 hour session – $180

Crystal Energy Therapy
It is a powerful and very specific modality of healing using crystal energy. The crystals heal and rejuvenate the energy centers in your body (also known as Chakra, Qi, Prana). Suitable for those seeking balance in their physical, emotional and mental states.

Also for those recovering after a major operation, going through difficult treatments such as chemotherapy, or facing chronic ailments. Our crystal therapy sessions will help individuals find the energy, strength, increase the self-healing power that already exists in our body targeting specific ailment areas.

1 hour session – $120

Spiritual Counselling
Uncertain on your path or in your life and need clarity and reassurance. There will be clear advice given on your doubts or questions and on your journey or situation related to your career, relationships or spiritual matters.

  • giving you different perspectives and advice
  • allow you to make the decision for yourself
  • help to see from a heart-centered viewpoint with the lessons and wisdom found in the situation

1 hour session – $180   |   1.5 hour session – $250

Reading Using Oracle Cards
Oracle cards are like wisdom cards, used for divination, spiritual guidance and for meaningful answers to questions about our lives, spiritual path and future.

  • give clear and accurate, intuitive readings on your questions to your challenges or uncertainty on your path
  • one year forecast on life issues with upcoming lessons and possibilities
  • offer insightful, affirming and uplifting messages to understand, implement practical solutions to personal problems and questions

30 minutes session – $90   |   1 hour session – $180

Gentle healing for Children / Tweens / Teens
Children who are experiencing stress and unable to express these feelings or exhibit behaviours with pent up frustrations or anger. Questions about difficult decision or undergoing a painful situation (like separation or divorce or death of a loved one).

  • using a combination of energy healing with counseling or
  • meditation to calm them down and may include use of sound therapy or
  • sound therapy to soothe children and siblings on grief
  • reading session to guide and offer clarity on their questions

45 minutes session – $135

Pet healing
Pets in pain and discomfort or with emotional trauma or in need of relief. Connecting with the pets and providing comfort as appropriate. Using energy healing and/or crystals, I will diagnose and provide the information to the pet owner on what the pet is feeling.  This is not pet communication, as I connect with the guides and angels on the healing required.

45 minutes session – $135

Mindfulness @ Workplace Initiatives
Assists in creating awareness inside and releasing stress to support well-being in ourselves and around us. Towards the aspiration for a peaceful workplace with harmony by being mindful of our actions, words and emotions.  It improves workplace morale, increases productivity and brings everyone together to do something meaningful as a group and a relaxing way to de-stress.

It can be over lunch or a half day event at offices, schools and at work. Can include setting up New Age or Wellness Booth.

      • Mindful Meditation
      • Sound Bath Meditation
      • Developing Emotional Balance Workshop
      • Other Therapies such as Art Therapy, Mindful Candle Making, Walking Meditation at parks
      • Introductory Talks on Emotional well-being, Chakras/Energy System, Sound Bath, Crystals.