Simply Ponder

Simply Ponder

(photo credit. : Photo by Warren Coetzer on Unsplash)

Once, when I was busy doing the stuff that I needed to do, I paused in the midst of my work, sat still and just pondered.  To truly ponder is hard when the mind keeps intervening to say, “this is wasting time, get back to work.”

Ponder is to be still, with the quietening of the chatter in the head and just watching.  Watching my breath, observing my body movements and seeing the thoughts flowing by.  Being still, being quiet, being watchful to be alert not to slip back to work mode or get distracted.

In this state, I started daydreaming.  What if, I said to myself, and allowed myself to soar high in my aspirations and just take flight.  Flying high and so effortlessly, with no burdens and being totally free.  Totally free of inhibitions, expectations, judgments, should and musts and simply being me.

To be carefree and so clear in my thoughts.  With purity, joy and innocence in all that I am daydreaming and visualizing.  Like the way an eagle flies high up in clear skies with clarity in the horizon.  Take flight in our imagination of all the possibilities for ourselves, without any worries.

As a bird flies with its wing spread wide and letting itself glide in the wind and allowing the wind to steer the bird towards the various directions, in the same way, letting ourselves be free and letting our inner guidance be the compass like the wind.

In this free unlimited way, as we soar, we can allow ourselves to just be, just glide, just flow and most importantly be free.  Free from our mind, our patterns of behavior, which can be fixed, or maybe fitting to norms of the society.  In this state, we can rise as high or go low just to experience, just to float.

What does this achieve?

Simply nothing, as there was no agenda or a destination in the first place.  To simply flow with the direction of the wind like the bird, is very liberating.

We live in a world where we conform very easily, very mindlessly that we deliberately need to catch ourselves on it.  We do it without even making a choice, as it seems like such a naturel thing to do.  In the first place, we are meant to be curious and be childlike in all that we explore.  The creativity and the zeal to explore and experiment are so far deeply hidden inside us, all covered up with conformity.

We wake up in the morning and we are busy bees hurrying about our routines to either get to work or studies and we are so lost in our “to-do” lists, meetings and tasks that we forget to ponder until something reminds us of it.

Let’s be busy mindfully, not mindlessly lost in tasks

Let’s be happily pondering in short intervals in the day, instead of being interrupted by gossip or actions that are useless.

Let’s be experimental and explorative instead of routinely doing what we are used to doing

Let’s be still and pause a moment instead of busily hurrying to activities, events or appointments

Let’s just be, Let’s Be, Let’s Breathe, Let’s Pause and Simply Ponder…


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